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We are a one-of-a-kind Tokyo-born agency. Our international team and extensive experience empower us to be vastly more creative, competitive and competent than dinosaur mega-agencies.


A team is born

Everybody loves a good origin story.

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Remark Founded 2018

With combined creative forces and business expertise, Remark brings the full force of marketing experience and business management to solve some of Japan’s toughest challenges.

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Omencraft 2016

Colin founds Omencraft branding agency, focused on providing world class brand identity design solutions for companies in both Japan and the west.

Event and Celebrity Management

InStyle 2011

Will founds InStyle, supporting high profile clients like Moet & Chandon, Sony, Tokyo, Comic Con, and Steve Wozniak.

Advertising and Brand Management

Razorfish 2010

Colin takes on a leadership role with the world renown digital advertising agency Razorfish as Creative Director on several high profile accounts like Intel, Samsung, and Adobe.

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Strategy and Creative Services

Pivot Creative Strategy 2009

Ash forms Pivot Creative Strategy, to focus on marketing strategy, and creative services to help companies grow.

Design and Creative Services

Digital Monkey 2002

Ash founds Digital Monkey, an independent design agency in San Francisco and later operating in Tokyo.

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And many more...

CNET.com, News.com,
The Weather Channel
and weather.com <1996

Okay. Now we're really starting to date ourselves.  Suffice to say, we have many years of experience going back to the early days of the .com era. 

We are your bridge to Japan

Simply put, doing business in Japan is different than the rest of the world. We have the knowledge, expertise, and broad network to be your invaluable partner.

$12,488M USD Ad Spend

in Japan (2019)

45M Daily Viewers

YouTube is king in Japan

93.3% Internet Penetration

Compared only 87.2% in the US

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Working with an agency that gives recommendations before understanding the problem is like a doctor prescribing medicine without performing a health check.  We always begin our work with a Discovery process to uncover hidden opportunities. 


The Create phase is where we execute our findings from Discovery.  We do not create based on personal feelings.  We always base our designs on actionable data while remaining true to our commitment to create quality.


Hope is not a strategy. No matter what an agency tells you, no one knows exactly what people will respond to and what they won't. That's why we always test our assumptions and choose the work that has the best performance.


We don't stop testing after the work has been published.  As we collect more information, we translate our findings into improved versions of our work.  We never want to stop improving upon our ideas and optimizing our process. 

Our Team


Soichi Suzuki


Founder of Capital Brain Co., Ltd. specializing in real estate investment, asset management, business revitalization.
Former Director at Risa Partners. BA, Waseda University


Ash Geary


CEO & Data Freak

Ash knew he wanted to live in Japan when he happened to catch an NHK broadcast in America. All of the bowing and banter of ‘hai’s and ‘arigatou gozaimasu’s looked like a well-choreographed ping-pong match. Any place that well structured and civil is a place that must be explored!


Will Murray

Managing Director

CEO/Founder of InStyle Tokyo KK for 8 years, a brand event company that focused on activations in Tokyo, with such clients as Sony, Apple and Moet.


Lena Saito

CFO & Business Insight & Sake Promoter

Lena has a finance background from working at SMBC for 7 years, and a Japanese Investment Bank for 4 years. She also had been working on business due diligence or on-site management for some corporations to manage post M&A or other non-routine situations.  



Colin Johnson

Executive Creative Director, Designoverlord

Our Designoverlord, Colin has been a professional “creater” for over 25 years. Colin has led creative for many F500 brands, won industry design awards, and has created digital advertising design standards still used today. In 2016 he moved to Tokyo and founded the brand identity design agency Omencraft®. Then in 2018, he teamed up with Remark K.K to head our creative department.



Designer | Bilingual | Film Enthusiast

Naomi was raised with both English and Japanese and is grateful for her diverse experiences abroad since childhood. She studied and graduated in the United States with a BFA in Graphic Design in 2015. She loves films and powerful storytelling, and visual details that help create them.


Alex Race-Lyons

Designer & Adventure Seeker

Alexandra is our bright young designer from Melbourne, Australia who freshly graduated college majoring in media and design communications. Determined to design with an environmentally sound mindset, Alexandra has traveled around the world chasing adrenaline rushes and spontaneity, finally moving to Tokyo, inspired by the potential for sustainable education and change.


Natsuki Araki

Web Designer/Developer & Former Dancer

Natsuki moved to NY after graduating from high school in Japan. She enjoyed performing as a dancer and attended university there. After graduation, she started her career as a web designer at a major airline company with office in Manhattan. 

She came back home after 10 years in NY. She is continuing her career as web designer and goes dancing once in a while to fondly looks back at her good ol' days as a dancer.


Junko Ueno

Junko Ueno

Director Of Operations & Dog Lover

Junko used to be a backpacker and traveled around the world. She is glad she did that back then because sharing a $5 room in India with a complete stranger is not an option for her anymore. She is now a crafty homebody who is happy to be home with hubby, two boys and her adopted miniature dachshund. She lived in the States for 7 years and in Australia for 4 years. 

Kanae Omote

Kanae Omote

Client Manager 

Kanae has been working in inbound tourism industry for about 2 years. She also has experience working in the music industry for more than 7 years too. She loves music and now she has become a foodie. She has lived in Australia for 4 years. Using her experiences, she has created many campaigns to promote Japan towards the Australian market.


Yuki Katori

Social Media

Yuki is a Tokyo native. She enjoys exploring new places for exquisite cuisine. She had been in a culinary instructor for 3 years. Known to be a social butterfly she is often busy spending time with friends from all over the globe. Another one of her favorite pastimes is bonding with her chubby shiba Kai.♡


Jonathan Park

Intern & Eternally Late To The Party

Jonathan, born and raised as a Korean-American, has made “the road less traveled” his home. Growing up, he has always had an interest in language… inevitably falling in love the moment he heard Japanese being spoken for the first time, which led him to studying it for 4 years. Jonathan majored in Advertising, and is currently interning in Japan - a place that he never thought was a possibility for him. He is a strong believer that being true to yourself, having an open mind, and communicating your feelings can make anything possible.

Yuki Katori



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Jonathan Foxboro

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More than 99% of Japan’s population speaks only Japanese. Therefore, in-depth translation and localization of product and services is vital.

Japan indicates a significant market opportunity for e-commerce businesses due to Internet penetration estimated at 93.3% of the population. To provide a clearer picture of Japanese e-commerce markets, internet usage can be divided into different age groups: 96% of 16-24 year-olds, 96% of 25-34 year-olds and 98% of 35-44 year-olds log on daily. The older generations also log on regularly with 45-54 year-olds with 94% and those over 55s showing 95% daily penetration rate.

Our agency partners

We don't compete. We collaborate. Consistently producing quality isn't easy.  We're proud and thankful to have the support of these partner agencies.

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icon-service03Using our powers for good.

We want to help your company grow. We understand that different companies have different size budgets. We care more about you than we do your budget. So reach out to us and see if our missions align. 

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